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Cardiff Animation Festival and QuickDraw Animation welcome all the animators who were too busy to create an entry for this year's festival to a 36-hour QuickDraw Animation Jam!

Sign up and challenge yourself to create an animated short film within the three day time allowance and laugh in the face of all those early birds that "had it so easy!" 

The winning film will be shown at the Cardiff Animation Festival Awards on the evening of Sunday 22nd April, with complimentary tickets to Cardiff Animation Festival events to the winning team. 

The competition starts at 10am on Friday 6th April running to 6pm on Sunday the 8th and is FREE TO ENTER! It also offers free working space and some free software to all participants based in Cardiff. A room in the University of South Wales Atrium building has been provided so that participants can share knowledge, space and maybe snacks as you all buckle down for the weekend.

The winner, as well as the first two runners-up, will also receive feedback from QuickDraw's industry pros sitting on the judge's panel, commenting on what they like and dislike about your film for your future consideration.


But there are no real losers, as all completed films will be shown at the Cardiff Animation Festival launch party at Kongs on the evening of Thursday 19th April, which is free and open to the public!

The deadline to enter your team is midnight on the 5th April. See for rules and how to apply.

With a very last opportunity to have a film screened at the Cardiff Animation Festival 2018, with the winning film presented at the Awards Ceremony, you have only your sanity to lose!

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