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Bob Ayres is a BAFTA-winning producer and writer. He runs TrueTube – a charity-funded online channel for schools which makes short films about moral, social and religious issues to help teachers in RE, PSHE and Citizenship lessons. In 2017, TrueTube became the first ever online-only platform to win the Children’s BAFTA for Channel of the Year. Bob joined TrueTube in 2010 having taught RE for 15 years in Kenya, Birmingham and East London, whilst flirting occasionally with freelance writing.

Originally employed by TrueTube as an education writer, he rose through the ranks to seize editorial control of the site, and now wields his power like a mighty sword. He's responsible for TrueTube's creative direction - writing, producing and developing short films, and hopefully always helping TrueTube’s young audience to reflect on their values and on the values of other people.

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