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"Brian Fisher does not particularly like bios. So often they can feel cold and impersonal.  I assume you are here because, like me, you love learning how things work, and why they tick….or is it why they work, and how they tick? 


Who am I? I have over 15 years experience as a performer and creative. Working as an actor, movement artist, and puppeteer. In recent years, as puppetry has evolved and grown in popularity, I have worked closely with the worlds largest VFX companies to facilitate their in-camera and reference puppetry needs. (Don’t know what that is? Come along and you’ll find out!) Most recently I have helped supervise, build, and perform within large scale productions for Warner Brothers (Detective Pikachu), Netflix, HBO and BBC (His Dark Materials, Moon & Me). With the work as Creature FX Supervisor and playing the Golden Monkey on His Dark Materials earning a BAFTA for Special, Visual, and Graphic Effects. 


I am insatiably curious, and deeply passionate about the world we all live in. I have striven to fill my life with play, and am lucky to be able to share that love with you. “

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