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CTIAF and CAF proudly present a curated screening of family-friendly animated shorts from Wales & Africa. The screening highlights the fabulously talented artists of both nations and their skill in creating films suitable for a young audience - with hilarious comic moments, exciting action and stories inspired by real experiences, the films showcase the wide range of material that animation can explore.

Mae Gŵyl Animeiddio Ryngwladol Cape Town a Gŵyl Animeiddio Caerdydd yn falch o gyflwyno sgrinio sydd wedi’i guradu o ffilmiau byrion animeiddiedig sy’n deulu-cyfeillgar, o Gymru ac Affrica. Mae'r sgrinio yn amlygu artistiaid talentog gwych y ddwy wlad a'u sgil wrth greu ffilmiau sy'n addas ar gyfer cynulleidfa ifanc - gyda chynnwys doniol, cynhyrfus, a straeon wedi'u hysbrydoli gan brofiadau go iawn, mae'r ffilmiau'n arddangos yr ystod eang o ddeunydd y gall animeiddio ei archwilio.

60mins, advPG

Live Watch Party 
Sunday 18th April 2021
UK/SA Time - 10am/11am | Eventive
Watch Anytime 
Mon 12th-Sun 18th April 2021
48 hours to watch once unlocked | Eventive
Sock World

Dir. Melissa Kahn, Keenan Lucas, Michelle Kao, Alex Rymill, Jason Nel, Matthew Lindebaum, Chase Edmonds | South Africa | 0:05:22 

A graduation film produced by students in their final year at The Animation School, this story a lonely sock goes in search of his missing half, playing on an idea based on the long asked question ‘What happened to my other sock?’.


My Better World

Dir. Chris Morgan, Michael Clark and Johan Scheepers | South Africa | 0:08:32

Created by Fundi Films and Impact(Ed) International, with animations by Maan Creative, this is an episode taken from a new animated series that follows the exciting adventures of six African teens, as they navigate the complex challenges of school, family and friendship.


Dir. Alexander Dewar, Christopher Masuabi, Moegamad Adams, Stefan van der Sandt, Thabang Chuene, Mahendrie Govender, Carike Cronje | South Africa | 0:04:13 

Produced by graduating students at The Animation School, this short is about an energetic puppy who makes some coffee for his lazy kitten friend in order to play with her. The caffeine kicks in and they both begin to play, but as the days go on things spiral out of control…


Dir. Mike Scott | South Africa | 0:02:04

Created by Mike Scott and produced at Triggerfish Animation Studios for the Nickelodeon International Animated Shorts Program and later picked up for a first season which was produced at Minds Eye Creative, Moosebox is a quirky upbeat series of episodes about the endless adventures of dynamic duo Moose and Catbox.

Ruby and Roach

Dir. Erentia Bedeker| South Africa | 0:08:48

Directed by Erentia Bedeker, this paper cutout short film is about two sale toys, cruelly rejected by the buying public because they are different, plan a daring escape and end up somewhere unexpected.

Belly Flop.png
Belly Flop

Dir. Jeremy Collins and Kelly Dillon| South Africa | 0:04:52

Directed by Jeremy Collins and Kelly Dillon, Belly Flop is the heart-warming story of Penny, a fearless young girl learning to dive, unperturbed by a talented diver who keeps stealing the spotlight.

Screenshot 2021-03-11 at 16.44.18.png
A Little Bird told me about the ABC

Dir. Diek Grobler | South Africa | 0:05:17 

Fopspeen Moving Pictures collaborated with Internationally published and awarded illustrator Piet Grobler on “Little Bird's ABC”.  Based on the book "Little bird’s ABC" (Het vogeltjes ABC) by Piet Grobler.

pre-venge 3.jpg

Dir. Tom Lucas | Wales | 0:00:43 

Just a happy little asteroid family going about their asteroid business. Nothing else...nothing at all…



Dir. Rhiannon Evans | Wales | 0:08:04

Ever wondered where those light bulb moments come from?

Partridge in a Bear Tree 

Dir. Cloth Cat Animation | Wales | 0:06:07 

Winter is fast approaching, and everyone is getting ready for a nice long sleep… but a certain Little Partridge can’t quite contain her excitement! What could possibly go wrong?

Cumulus Still - In Cloud.jpg

Dir. Ioan Holland | UK | 0:08:51

A rebellious girl follows a grumpy bird on an adventure in the clouds.

Lemon and Elderflower

Dir. Ilenia Cotardo | Wales | 0:02:41

Hummingbird siblings have to build different inventions in order to solve their "big" problem.

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