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Ceri is responsible for the Bomper Studio’s growth development strategy, with instrumental duties that include the hiring, organisation and talent development of the team. As part of her role, Ceri prioritises the well-being of the team as the cornerstone of the studio's roadmap, with a focus on creating a supportive and nurturing environment, in ensuring that each team member's unique strengths are fostered and developed.


As well as ensuring the studio maintains its requirements, duties and obligations, and in compliance with regulatory requirements, Ceri plays a vital role in introducing a number initiatives as part of Bomper's commitment to innovation and work-life balance. Most notably, Ceri has been responsible for implementing a permanent four day working week; a bold move which aligns with Bomper's mission to shape the future of the creative industry in Wales and inspire the next generation.

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PANEL | Chapter Cinema 1

Fri 24 March 3:45pm | 18 | Free

How can we make sure the animation industry is safe, healthy and supports wellbeing?

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