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Head of Content, BBC Children's

CBBC is the BBC’s dedicated channel for 6-12 year olds and Cheryl commissions all TV and Online content. The CBBC team place special emphasis on participation and giving children a voice. In 2015 they were proud to win BAFTA’s Children’s Channel of the Year plus Broadcast Specialist Channel and Cartoon Forum Broadcaster of the Year awards. 

Cheryl’s recent commissions include ‘Millie Inbetween’, ‘Hetty Feather’, ‘Got What it Takes’,  ‘I am Leo’, ‘So Awkward’, ‘Hank Zipzer’,  ‘Lifebabble’, ‘Scream Street’, ‘Ultimate Brain’, ‘Class Dismissed’, ‘Danger Mouse’, ‘Our School’ and interactive dramas ‘Dixi’ and ‘SLOB’.

Previously Cheryl was of BBC Head of Comedy and commissioned ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’, ‘Cuckoo’, ‘Bad Education’ and ‘Twenty Twelve’.

Prior to this she was Comedy Commissioner at Channel 4 where she commissioned ‘Spaced’ and ‘Black Books’.

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