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Emma Peddie pic April 2019 - small.jpeg

Emma Peddie works in the BBC’s corporate sustainability team, supporting colleagues to reduce the environmental impacts of their work and include creative climate messaging in their programmes.  Environmental and sustainability issues have long been reflected in the content that we make and broadcast, so it’s important to us that they are also embedded in the way we operate and run the BBC.


Emma’s background was as a wildlife TV producer, but a growing awareness of the damage caused by humans to biodiversity in the natural world led to a change in her career.  


Emma knows that broadcasters can play a critical role in communicating the urgent actions needed to address climate change.  But this has to be done skilfully, understanding how best to connect with and empower audiences. Direct messaging in news and factual content is one approach but portraying a positive vision of a low carbon future, using more subtle background imagery in all content genres, is another way to win hearts and minds.

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