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Evgenia is an award winning animation director, character designer and screenwriter. Her clients include Disney, Nick Jr, BBC and Sky Kids. She’s written for TV shows like Circle Square, Obki, Hey Duggee and Best Bugs Forever. She’s directed 15 episodes of kids TV show “Millie and Lou” for Blue Zoo and YouTube Originals. 


Evgenia develops her own IP for kids TV and books. One of her TV shows ‘The Question Club’, was acquired by The Riki Group and is currently in production.  ‘The Saskatoons’ was presented at Cartoon forum 2021 and is in development with Sardinha Em Lata and Pikkukala. Evgenia has directed a number of award-winning short films. Among her awards are the UNICEF Award at Cartoons on the Bay, the Audience Award at Indie Junior Allianz, the Czech TV Award at Zlin Festival and the Audience Award at Cardiff Animation Film Festival in 2020. 

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