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Senior Animation Director, Studio AKA

Director Grant Orchard joined Studio aka in 1997 as an animation graduate from the University for the Creative Arts, and soon gained attention for his idiosyncratic design and his ability to approach projects from many different angles. He has created TV commercials for clients as diverse as Compaq, Skype, Barclays and Orange.

Grant has won two prestigious D&AD awards and achieved recognition for his first independent short film Welcome to Glaringly.

In 2008 he created 10 mini-films for QOOBtv. Under the banner Lovesport, each episode interprets sports like skiing, sumo wrestling, high diving (and even ping-pong) in an original, funny and deceptively simple manner. The series has been a great success with episodes achieving over a million hits on YouTube.

Grant’s short film A Morning Stroll, produced in 2011, has to date won 25 major awards including the animation award at Sundance, the BAFTA for short animated film, and an Oscar nomination for Best short animation film.

Grant is busy directing a second series of the BAFTA winning pre-school series Hey Duggee.

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