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Leonie has been a storyteller-as-teacher for forty years. She has been teaching students how to make stories through animation for 38 of those. From schoolchildren to refugees to undergraduates to old age pensioners, Leonie has workshopped and directed publicly screened animated films in a variety of media and genres, from fantasy to documentary, but always with story at their core. She has also worked freelance as a small cog in the big wheel that is industrialised commercial animation production, and as a bigger cog in the smaller wheel of ‘indie’ short films, so has seen first-hand how multiple processes can make or break the story-heart of a production. Leonie is currently a Senior Lecturer in Animation 2D Stop-Motion on the eponymous BA course at the University of South Wales, specializing in Narrative Strategies, Storyboarding, and Scriptwriting for Animation.

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