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TALK | Chapter Cinema 1

Fri 24 March 2:00pm | AdvPG | £6/£4

Lucy Izzard shares her journey of directing her first series with Aardman. 


Lucy Izzard has a style full of warmth, character, comedy and sensitivity. She worked with multiple animation companies over the years, Slinky Pictures, 12foot6, and ArthurCox, before joining Aardman in 2014.


In 2010 she spent a year living in Sydney and whilst being represented by the illustration agency Drawing Book Studios, illustrated for advertising, including a big campaign for a new brand of Coca-Cola owned soft drink called 'Quencher', for which she designed the product character design and directed the animation in the TV spot.


Her university graduation film ‘Tea Total’ won the BBC Three New Talent Award for Animation in 2005. Her short animation for IntoFilm 'Creating Movie Magic' was nominated for a RTS West of England Awards in 2014. Her short animation titled 'Childhood' won the Grand Prix in it's category for the 'LoopdeLoop' animation challenge in 2014, at the Nickelodeon Studios L.A. She directed the first two series of the Disney Junior children's series ‘Nina Needs to Go!’ which won an RTS West of England Award in 2016 for Best Animation and was Children's BAFTA-nominated. Her short ‘Katie’s Story’ was a winner at The British Animation Awards in 2016 for ‘Best Commissioned Animation: Documentary’ as part of a collection of shorts called ‘Animated Minds: Stories of Postnatal Depression’. She directed the award winning ‘Pantosaurus’ animated song for the NSPCC and is currently in development with Aardman creating a theme park dark ride.


Clients include Toyota, Goulburn Valley (owned by Coca-Cola), NSPCC, Stonewall, Gates Foundation, Soil Association, University of the West of England & Bristol Bioenergy Centre, BBC Three and BBC Culture, Cliiq, Kumon, Sophie Dahl (cookery show title sequence), Climb Wyoming, McKnight Foundation for Teaching Works.


Lucy is currently directing The Very Small Creatures, a series for 1- to 3-year-olds that follows five genderless, toddler-like clay creatures who explore a child’s play area when no one’s around.

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