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Mel is a London based VFX and CGI freelancer. He started out working on game design and animation, but found himself working on many projects relating to film and VFX. Although he's a Londoner, he spent most of his upbringing in New Jersey, USA. After completing his degree in Animation for Game Design (Bloomfield College), and spending half a year in South Korea learning 3D production for games, he headed to London to get his Masters Degree at Arts University of Bournemouth, and expand his network. 


Throughout the years this diverse set of skills has given him have a solid understanding of several mediums and a confident approach to projects ranging from 2D, 3D, film and games. Since moving back to London he has freelanced for the BBC, Sony, and many other studios across London and the globe.


Mel is also an avid consumer of media: an illustrator, gamer, storyteller and movie goer. He travels as much as he can, using his skateboard to explore new places. He's always down for a passionate chat about cartoons and the impact of Batman on our everyday lives.



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