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I’m Melin, and I’m a multi-hyphenate. For years I thought I had to specialise and stick to one thing, but eventually it became clear to me that I’m the sort of designer who likes to keep adding to her skills, rather than be defined with just one type of work. I’m a graphic designer – a UX designer – an art director – social media manager – events organiser – consultant – company director – a problem solver. I’m a people person, a mix of cultures.

I was born and raised in Turkey; I moved to the UK to study my dream of graphic design.I began my career in the UK in 2006 by working in a London agency specialising in branding. This is where I fell in love with the craft and gained great experience in restaurant branding by working on restaurants and café branding such as Camino, Pret a Manger and Hoxton Hotel.

After a few years of working in London, I moved back to Turkey to work in advertising, continuing my career as an art director and working on TV ads for both local and global clients. With the experience of designing websites and managing social media accounts at the time, I successfully led the launch of multiple Ferraro products in the Turkish market, both in TV ads and on digital platforms. This was also where I first got a taste of event planning, as my job involved everything from TV ads to Facebook campaigns and events. It was great working with Nutella (and yes, having unlimited access to eating it…).

After 3 years of working in the demanding advertising industry, I returned to Cardiff, working on a variety of projects collaborating with Cardiff creatives and agencies, as well as organising events. 

I now lead the team at Illustrate Digital (the only WordPress specialist agency in Wales) full time, and I absolutely love being a part of a growing, caring and promising agency. 

I also run the Cardiff chapter of monthly breakfast lecture series CreativeMornings/Cardiff which has helped me uncover my love and passion for building communities. Check out the next meet-up here, or follow CreativeMornings/Cardiff on Instagram.

In 2019 I also co-organised and ran theCardiff Design Festival with other kick-ass creatives!  

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