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Robin Lyons is the Managing Director of Calon, in Cardiff. He has had a career as an actor, writer and jazz critic, but for over twenty years has been writing and producing animation for film and television. His credits include the BAFTA winning SuperTed and Hilltop Hospital, and the multi-award winning Hana’s Helpline. He has produced over a dozen internationally distributed television series and (with Andrew Offiler) written more than 600 animation scripts.

His film credits include The Princess And The Goblin, (Writer/Producer), the animated film of Under Milk Wood (Producer) which uses the Richard Burton radio recording, Asterix in Amerika and Little Hippo (writer with Andrew Offiler).

He is currently Producer of the feature film Captain Morten and The Spider Queen animated in stop-motion. This is an Estonian/Irish/Belgian/Welsh theatrical feature currently in the production and due to be finished in March 2018. He is developing two other features, an animated version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet with French director Marc Caro, and Jasia, a stop motion film with Aardman commercials director Magda Osinska. He is also currently working as a script editor on YoYo for RAI and Inui for ZDF as well as an Irish animation feature, The Snake Charmer.

Robin is a founder member of the Wales Animation Movement, a visiting lecturer at the Catholic University in Milan, and visiting professor at the University of South Wales.

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