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Sam Moore Studio January 22.jpeg

Sam Moore is a UK based, international award winning animation director and researcher. She loves the joyfulness and eclectic nature of animation. No one ever finds animation intimidating, and yet it can convey complex ideas to a wide audience in an engaging way. 

Sam has made work on diverse subjects, from competitive sweet-pea growing, to cutting edge microbiology, archaeology, neuroscience, and her own experience of having twins. Her film Treasure (2021), made for Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery in collaboration with British Museum archaeologists, is screening in Shorts 5: silent/cinema. 

Sam is currently working on a short animated magical realist fairy tale about dysentery, A Language of Shapes (2022, in production) funded by a Wellcome Trust award and made in collaboration with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. 

She is Senior Tutor (Research) in Animation at the Royal College of Art, UK and Associate Professor in animation at University College Volda, Norway.

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