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CAF Poster - Becky Peel Q & A!

We love our poster and we’re so proud to finally share it with everyone! Becky, can you tell us who you are, what you do, and where you do it? Thank you so much! I was really excited to make it! I am a 2D animator/ designer/ draw-er of pictures. Where did the original idea for the poster come from? I have always loved the outdoors and plants and just green things in general, so when we were chatting about making the poster and I found out the theme for the festival was going to be based around growth my brain just started thinking of gardens! My grandma loves to take care of her garden, so I think she was definitely an inspiration, and I just really liked the idea of this elderly lady experimenting with these potions to keep her plants in order! How did you imagine all the little characters & scenarios for the poster, did you let the ideas flow, or was it a clear thought out plan? Ooh I definitely just let the ideas flow! Whenever I try to plan too strictly it falls apart a bit for me, my work just loses any life it has. I'm sorry for anyone who has to look at my rough work, it can be very scribbly! I started by sketching out the greenhouse and the things that might be inside it, and then I thought about how the little characters might interact with these objects, and what mischief they might think up, and just went from there really! What is your favourite animated film? Ooooh I think I would possibly have to go for Coraline, because that's the film that made me want to be an animator! It's so creepy, I love it! But if I was choosing purely based on warm emotions, I would pick Howl's Moving Castle, because I love it when they all eat bacon, and I watch it whenever my good feels are low. I apologise for my sneaky two answers, but I think if I was only allowed to pick one it would be too hard and I would run off to live in the woods forever. What did you most enjoy about Cardiff Animation Festival 2018? I really loved the workshops that were held for The Breadwinner and Isle of Dogs. It was amazing being able to see the films and then have these wizards come in and tell you all the details about how it was made! I also just loved being there to watch all the films with other people who were hyped about animation, because it made such a lovely exciting atmosphere and we got to meet loads of talented people. OOH and the exhibition for Chuck Steele was incredible, every single puppet and prop and set was just beautiful to see in person! Where can people see your work? People can see my work if they come to my house, but that would take ages and you might have to walk up many stairs, so you can find my work on Instagram (@beckypeelart), Twitter (@becky_peel) or on my website Thanks Becky!

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