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Where will the Festival be hosted online?

Cardiff Animation Festival online will be hosted on a site called Eventive.

You can check out all the events on

There will also be some events held on our YouTube channel at

What device will I need to watch the festival online?

You can watch all events from your smart devices/laptop/computer, you can also cast to your television. 

All the information about device types and to test your devices compatibility can be found here


Where can I find the festival schedule?

You can find the full schedule of events on our website here and also on our Eventive Virtual Festival page 


How do I purchase individual tickets for each event?

To purchase a ticket for an individual event/programme go to the Eventive virtual festival page, there you will find all the online events and screenings. Select the screening or event you would like to book a ticket for, you will then need to enter your email address and card details to create an account on Eventive. You will then have 7 days to activate the screening, once activated you will have 24 hours to watch the screening/event. 


What is included in a pass and how do I purchase one?

All of our online festival events are included in the festival pass! There are a limited number of Early Bird passes for £15, once they have sold out regular passes will go on sale for £20. 

How do I book tickets with my pass?

Once you have bought a ticket head to our Virtual Festival Page there you will see all the screenings and events. Log in to your account and select each event you would like to attend. You can pre-book events with your festival pass. When you have ordered the tickets that you want you can watch these at any time they are available. Once activated (you have pressed Watch Now) you will have 24 hours to watch the screening/event. 

How do I vote for films for the audience award?

After the shorts programmes end you will be able to vote for your favourite film for the Cardiff Animation Festival Audience Award. The Awards will take place on social media on Sunday 1st November. Voting closes on Saturday 31st October at 10pm.

I don't live in the UK can I still watch the festival events online?

Yes you can! All our Q+As, panels, feature films and masterclasses are available wherever you are in the world!

Unfortunately there are 3 shorts programmes that have restrictions these are, Mind (Not available in Poland, Switzerland, France, Spain), Dare (Not available in France), Speechless (Not available in Poland) and Family screening 3+ (Only available in the UK). 

Are the screenings/events accessible?  

All our screenings will have subtitles available either embedded in the film itself or available as closed captions. To enable the subtitles for screening on Eventive and YouTube please press 'CC' in the corner of the video. All our live events (Q+As, masterclasses and panels) will have live captions available. 


Who do I contact if I am having issues with my Eventive account?

Eventive have a really helpful team! Launch their live chat or check out their help page

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