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It's a turbulent time at the moment with a lot of uncertainty surrounding arts and events. If you are thinking, 'how can I support  the arts during this time?' here are some ways you can help! 

If you live in Wales you can lobby Welsh Government to support the arts – here’s how to contact Welsh Government ministers. Be kind – your email will reach someone who’s having a really hard few weeks too. But make sure they know how important the arts are to us. 


You can help Wales Arts Review raise emergency funds for artists by making a donation or helping them to promote their crowdfunder.


If there’s an arts organisation whose work you love, you can consider buying something from them or making a donation to help them through this time. We have a Patreon, and we’re more grateful than ever to our Patreon supporters. Lots of other organisations will take donations through Patreon or in other ways, and/or will have things like gift cards, vouchers, memberships and merchandise for sale. Our festival venue, Chapter, are taking donations to help them survive this period. If you can't donate you can always like, share, comment or leave lovely reviews for independent artists and businesses. 


There are lots of ways to help support your community! 

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