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Join the Cardiff Animation Festival team with this screening full of enthralling Welsh shorts shown at Cardiff Animation events over the past 5 years. Here we explore a broad range of styles and stories from the murky waters of a new relationship to a mythical creature’s life cycle, the thoughts of young minds and a ranger venturing deeper into a mysterious forest. Witness what Welsh creativity brings to the landscape of animation, as they all construct new worlds in this exciting programme of shorts. Croeso i Gymru!

Ymunwch â thîm Gŵyl Animeiddio Caerdydd gyda'r sgrinio hwn sy’n llawn o ffilmiau byrion Cymreig a sgriniwyd yn nigwyddiadau Animeiddio Caerdydd dros y 5 mlynedd diwethaf. Yma rydym yn archwilio ystod eang o arddulliau a straeon, o ddyfroedd dryslyd perthynas newydd i gylch bywyd creadur chwedlonol, meddyliau pobl ifanc, a cheidwad sy’n mentro'n ddyfnach i goedwig ddirgel. Darganfyddwch yr hyn y mae creadigrwydd Cymru yn ei ddwyn i dirwedd animeiddio, wrth iddynt i gyd adeiladu bydoedd newydd yn y rhaglen gyffrous hon o ffilmiau byrion. Croeso i Gymru!

60mins, adv12+

Live Watch Party 
Tuesday 13th April 2021
UK/SA Time - 7pm/8pm | Eventive
Watch Anytime 
Mon 12th-Sun 18th April 2021
48 hours to watch once unlocked | Eventive
Fire and Water

Dir. Robert Brown | Wales | 0:02:00 

Opposites attract but the path to true love is never plain sailing.


two of us 3.jpg
That Makes Two of Us

Dir. Tim Hawkins | Wales | 0:05:10

An ageing aristocrat finds himself with unexpected, and unwanted, company when he vomits up his doppelganger.

CD still 5.png
Cwch Deilen 

Dir. Efa Blosse Mason | Wales | 0:06:32 

A magical animated tale about queer love and a boat made of leaves.

100,000 Acres of Pine

Dir. Jennifer Alice Wright | Denmark | 0:07:13

Ranger Megan Patel must uncover the mystery surrounding her brother’s death. But following his footsteps, Megan discovers a darkness she might not escape.


Dir. Alice Parkes | Wales | 0:04:38

An exploration of the relationship between a young girl and the forest spirit she awakens.

the Goat.png
The Goat

Dir. Eleri Edwards | Wales | 0:02:25

A hiker wanders into the forest and discovers a goat. However this goat has plans for him... 

children talking still 1.png
Children Talking

Dir. Oliver Wilson | Wales | 0:03:40 

A humorous look into what kids might really be thinking when asked about the big questions of life.

Coffee Run

Dir. Bomper Studio | Wales | 0:03:00 

One man faces off against the world’s worst coffee round.

replicant 2.jpg
The Replicant

Dir. Jane Hubbard | Wales | 0:06:09 

Swanhilda is a happy go lucky Queen Bee. However, motherhood beckons, as an unplanned pregnancy takes her life in a very different direction.


Dir. Daniel Gray & Tom Brown | Hungary, USA, UK | 0:06:00 

Things of worth are often neglected in favour of that which is more immediately gratifying. Unfortunately, things that are neglected are often lost forever. The life of a misguided and intensely focused man, chronicled through his oral obsessions.

Creepy Pasta Salad.jpg
Creepy Pasta Salad

Dir. Lauren Orme  | Wales | 0:11:11 

It’s Halloween, Elin works in a call centre and is anxious about her health. Trefor is dead and worried about the gas bill. Cari is a lonely goth girl, preparing for the apocalypse.

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