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Gerald Conn is an award winning animator and filmmaker whose films have been broadcast on national television and shown at numerous international festivals. He specialises in sand-on-glass animation and won the 1998 BAFTA Cymru Best Animation for his film THE COMET’S TALE (1998), a compelling sound and image mosaic. This example of his sand animation technique explored the myths of Halley’s Comet and how different nations responded to its rare appearances throughout history. His earlier film EASTERN PROMISE (1996) also utilised this technique through exploring the tourist industry in India. Gerald has taught animation for a number of years in schools and colleges and has travelled to France, India and Japan to run workshops and to talk about his work.  In 1998 he was involved in setting up CINETIG, a Lottery funded animation collective that produced films with community groups all over Wales. Many of his films are directly choreographed to music and he has made videos that have been screened on MTV in the UK and abroad. His work has often dealt with different cultural perceptions of various issues, whether contrasting West Indian and British views of cricket in JUST NOT CRICKET (2000) or looking at varying attitudes to the British seaside in ROMANCE IN THE AIR (2002) which was nominated for a BAFTA Cymru. In 2009 Gerald represented the Welsh animation industry at the Smithsonian Festival in Washington DC and in 2010 his feature project HEART OF DARKNESS was selected to be presented in development at the Cartoon Movie in Lyon and the New Cinema Network at the Rome Film Festival. In 2011 Gerald established GRITTY REALISM PRODUCTIONS with a studio based in the Rhymney Valley.

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