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Cardiff Animation Nights are free bimonthly screenings of great animation from around the world. We’ve been running them since 2014 – they’re where it all began! We started with an audience of a couple of dozen people and now Cardiff Animation Nights has been running for ten years, has 150+ regular attendees, and has given birth to an international animation festival. 


Our special festival launch of Cardiff Animation Nights will be held at the beloved Underdog on Thursday 25th April. In our CAF24 Decadent Desserts Edition, we’ve got all the typical animation madness and mayhem you’ve grown to love and enjoy for all these years.


Come and partake in an appetising selection of international shorts that will get you pumped for 4-days of festival feasting. But the party doesn’t end when the films are over, spend the rest of the evening with fellow animation lovers, filmmakers, and the CAF staff as we celebrate yet another milestone.


Mae Nosweithiau Animeiddio Caerdydd yn ddangosiadau am ddim bob deufis o animeiddiadau gwych o bedwar ban byd. Rydyn ni wedi bod yn eu rhedeg ers 2014 - dyma lle dechreuodd y cyfan! Fe ddechreuon ni gyda chynulleidfa o gwpl o ddwsinau o bobl ac erbyn hyn mae Nosweithiau Animeiddio Caerdydd wedi bod yn rhedeg ers deng mlynedd, gyda 150+ o fynychwyr rheolaidd, ac wedi rhoi genedigaeth i ŵyl animeiddio ryngwladol.


Cynhelir lansiad gŵyl arbennig Nosweithiau Animeiddio Caerdydd yn yr Underdog nos Iau 25 Ebrill. Yn ein Rhifyn Pwdinau Moethus CAF24, mae gennym yr holl wallgofrwydd animeiddio nodweddiadol a'r anhrefn rydych chi wedi'i garu a'i fwynhau am yr holl flynyddoedd hyn. Dewch i gymryd rhan mewn detholiad blasus o ffilmiau rhyngwladol a fydd yn rhoi hwb i chi am 4 diwrnod o wledd yr ŵyl.

58mins, 18+

(S) - Student film

4 Supernova - Rations.jpg

Dir. Katy Wang, Gabriel Greenough | UK | 08:25

As our story begins, we hurtle down a dark wormhole and fly into the mouth of Zed - our protagonist- as we navigate into an otherworldly dimension in “Supernova.”

Photo 1 Washed_Up_Still_03.jpg

Dir. Liam J. M. Wilson | UK | 02:32

A fish gets washed up onto the beach where a group of hungry seagulls await...

Photo 2 SandwichCat-FRAME_2.jpg

Dir. David Fidalgo | Spain | 10:54


David lives alone with his kitty, Sandwich Cat.

Photo 2 Potato_Falls_Still1.jpg

Dir. Janina Putzker | Germany | 01:00


“We’re not gonna make a short film about potatoes…” – “Just fry and stop me!”, said the potato. So we made a short film about potatoes.

Photo 1 Catalogue2.jpg

Dir. Faye Craig | UK | 05:31 (S)

Sour Days follows the character of Mirah and her pursuit of a normal day amongst a drowning environment.

handmade happiness.jpg

Dir. Vivien Mason  | Australia | 08:30


A colourful stop motion animated documentary exploring how a passion for craft helps four makers overcome adversity.

Photo 1 01.jpg

Dir. Sam Richardson | UK | 01:34 (S)

Created using stop-motion techniques in CG 3D, Terrarium is a short film of a little ecosystem where we peer into a slice of its life and death cycle.


Dir. Huei Jen Hung | Taiwan | 04:40


A man who has a unique way of using toilet paper. Isn’t that great? The convenience of life at your fingertips.


Dir. Idan Gilboa | Israel | 12:49

Deadline is a black comedy Stop-motion short that explores the power balance between bureaucracy, death and feline devotion of the elderly.


Dir. 12th-grade students, under the guidance of Laura Gonçalves, Alexandra Ramires, Dimitri Mihajlovic e Leonor Pacheco | Portugal | 02:30

A curious mole explores the world around it.

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