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How can your animation company, or how can you as a freelancer, reach net zero? It may seem like a tall order, but you can start small and start today. Simply start following the steps below…

Calculate your carbon footprint

To reach net zero, first you need to know your impact. There are many tools already out there to help you work this out, some more relevant to us than others. We've narrowed them down to just a handful, and we've put together a carbon calculation guide to help make this step as smooth as possible.

Most of your impact is likely to be in three areas:

  1. The building(s) you work in, mostly through the energy that they use.

  2. The energy used by IT systems, both in the office and in the cloud.

  3. Commuting and business travel, particularly by private car and by air.

Screenshot 2022-06-22 at 16.03.57.png
CAF 22_9.JPG
Screenshot 2022-06-22 at 16.07.38.png
Reduce your impact

Think about how you can reduce your impact in each of these areas. Our reducing your impact guide can help you.

Offset the rest (for now…)

Reducing your impact is much better than offsetting it, but it’s not always possible to reduce our impact to zero right away. While you’re working on longer-term reduction, offsetting can be a good solution that can enable you or your company to reach net zero. Not all carbon offsetting services are created equal. Here are a couple of offsetting services that we recommend:

Albert Creative Offsets
Albert offer a service to offset your carbon footprint using Natural Capital Partners. You just need to know the amount of CO2 that you want to offset in tonnes. You pay as a one off sum rather than instalments.


Offers tree-planting and offsetting as a monthly subscription, with options for both businesses and individuals. There are set price options, so it is worth knowing your carbon footprint then picking the option that is closest.


Congratulations on reaching net zero!


But it doesn't stop there...


The technology enabling us to reduce our carbon impact is always changing. Over time, make sure you’re reviewing your impact and making further reductions when this becomes possible to reduce your reliance on offsets.

Beyond carbon reduction

Reducing our carbon footprint and reaching net zero isn’t the only way we can have a better impact on the planet. Visit our beyond net zero guide to find out what else you can do.

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