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As relatively low carbon emitters, the animation, games and VFX sectors are in a strong position to push further than just pursuing net zero carbon emissions. So rather than solely focusing on carbon reduction, there is an opportunity to lead the way in other areas such as wellbeing, equity, inclusion and wider ecological concerns. How can we make animation into an industry that works for everyone? Here are some of these wider ideas to consider:


B Corp is a certification for businesses that can evidence that they are having a positive impact on both people and the planet. It goes further than carbon reduction targets, taking a holistic approach that incorporates factors such as staff wellbeing, community benefits, transparency and inclusivity. B Corp certification isn’t right for every business, but we believe that knowing the criteria for becoming one can act as a useful template for any business that wants to consider its impact.


How is your business benefitting the community around you? Your business may be able to create a ripple of benefits around it. Are you able to open up your workspace to community uses? Consider opportunities to provide workshops, training or pro-bono work to local groups or organisations, or sponsor a local sports team or group.


Consider the impact of your creative output. Visual content has the potential to raise awareness, educate and inspire individuals to take action, and so the animation, games & VFX sectors are in a position to have a wider role in everyone reaching zero-carbon as sectors that are involved in the creation of multimedia content. 

Production companies such as Picture Zero focus on producing content across platforms that explore ideas around zero-carbon, by bringing together filmmakers with relevant experts.


If you would like more support on your carbon-reduction journey then Cardiff Animation Festival can work with you to provide advice and create a roadmap specific to you and your business. Please get in touch [link] to find out how we can help.