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A big CAF welcome back to Cape Town International Animation Festival, who we’ve been collaborating with since 2020. This year CTIAF proudly presents a retrospective of the best short films from their Student Awards from the last 5 years. Expect unique art, heartwarming stories, experimental animation and a variety of disciplines in this collection of great South African Animation from young creators.

Croeso mawr gan CAF yn ôl i Ŵyl Animeiddio Ryngwladol Cape Town, yr ydym wedi bod yn cydweithio â hi ers 2020. Eleni mae CTIAF yn falch o gyflwyno ôl-sylliad o’r ffilmiau byr gorau o’u Gwobrau Myfyrwyr dros y 5 mlynedd diwethaf. Disgwyliwch gelf unigryw, storïau twymgalon, animeiddio arbrofol ac amrywiaeth o ddisgyblaethau yn y casgliad hwn o Animeiddio gwych o Dde Affrica gan grewyr ifanc.

60mins Adv12+

Thursday 7 April 2022
2:30pm | Chapter Cinema 2
£6 / £4 concessions
or free with a Festival Pass
Friday 8 April 2022
4:00pm | Chapter Cinema 2
£6 / £4 concessions
or free with a Festival Pass
7-24 April 2022
Watch Anytime | Eventive (Online)
Pay-what-you-can or free with an
Online Pass
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Jaq and Chonk.jpeg
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Dir. Dir. Maya Kahanovits | The Animation School | 4mins 


Mrs Mantis has recently devoured her husband. She is seated in a dimly lit bar, mulling over this perfectly regular series of events. Memories of Mr Mantis fill her with lust and reluctant regret. 

Dir. Winona Swanepoel | Stellenbosch Academy | 3mins

A jelly twist on 'Jack and the Giant Beanstalk'.


 Dir. Emily Davie, Kelly Mitchell | The Animation School | 5mins

Our story begins on a chicken farm in the Karoo. Loud and obnoxious, Clucky who wakes all of the chickens up tries his best to look after the grumpy prize chicken, Oom. Oom gets very upset by Clucky’s antics and snaps at him, causing him to leave the farm.


Dir. Leroy LeRoux, Tina Obo | The Animation School | 5mins

This story is based on the plight of the many innocent children made into tools of war by Northern Ugandan Warlord, Joseph Kony.


 Dir. Tamika Bramwell, Hannah O’Brien | The Animation School | 4mins

A heroic cowboy must prevent a squad of armed goons from escaping the town after a bank heist. At least, that’s what young Adam believes he must do in his imagination.

Screenshot 2022-03-07 at 22.07.51.png

Dir. Saira George, Sara Laubscher | The Animation School | 4mins

Dotty lives alone in her house, finding comfort in her daily knitting routine. When she knits she enters a world where her memories come to life.

Rocket Boys.jpeg

Dir. Karien Benz | The Animation School | 5mins

Two brothers take to the road to chase their life's dream and find their place in the stars.

Mite-y Beard.jpeg

Dir. Sarah-Leigh Burger | The Animation School | 4mins

A frustrated wife and an oblivious husband go through their nightly rituals.

The Knight_s Shift.jpeg

Dir. Lateesha Gillespie | CFAD | 4mins

Macko, the teddy bear, battles through the Land of Nightmares on a rescue mission to save Timmy from the Boogeyman.

Sock World.jpeg

Dir. Melissa Kahn | The Animation School | 5mins

Our story centers itself around Wednesday, a sock, who wakes up in the middle of the night to find that his partner, Wednesday 2, has left him. He rushes to the tumble dryer, wherein lies the portal to Sockworld, to try and track her down and remind her that they are meant to be together.


Dir. Christopher Masuabi | The Animation School | 4mins

Energetic puppy, Noodle, would like to play with his lazy kitten friend, MoeMoe, so he decides to wake her up with some coffee. A serious caffeine addiction kicks in and Noodle gets way more than he bargained for.



Dir. Kelly McCarter | The Animation School | 5mins​

A wooden father struggles to support his metal child who consumes wood to survive. As the boy grows older so does his rate of consumption. The day comes when he brings their home to the ground, they have nothing left.

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