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As we move about our lives, our bodies are constantly changing, evolving with each new experience and passing day; we’re no longer the person we were five or ten years ago, despite occupying the same vessel. Each wrinkle, ache, and alteration we make to our bodies is a tale worth telling. Embrace your ever-changing BODY and inner storyteller with this intimate program of films opening up the discussion about exploring gender and sexuality, the untold sacrifices of motherhood,  our different abilities and disabilities, and how we as humans are continuing to advance with the constant rise of technology.

Mae ein cyrff yn newid ac esblygu’n barhaus gyda phob profiad unigryw a gwawr newydd. Rydyn ni’n bobl gwahanol i’r hyn oedden ni bum, neu ddeng mlynedd yn ôl er ein bod wedi rhannu’r un cyrff. Mae pob rhych, poen a newid yn ein cyrff yn dweud cyfrolau. Cofleidiwch eich corff newidiol a storïwr yr isymwybod wrth i’r rhaglen fynwesol hon agor trafodaeth am genedl a rhywioldeb, aberth fawr mamolaeth, abledd ac anabledd, a pharhad dyn ochr yn ochr â thwf technoleg.

73mins, adv12+

(S) - Student film

eadem cutisthe same skin.jpg
eadem cutis: the same skin

Dir. Nina Hopf | Germany | 0:04:40 (S)


"I just want to be seen as who I am!” – In this experimental documentary we listen to John's thoughts on identity, body and gender. He allows an intimate insight into his life – and an immediate closeness to his body.

no body.jpg

Dir. haemin ko | UK | 0:04:33 (S)


A traditional charcoal animation with an autobiographical experimental animated poem. Based on directors journals which is about her immigration experience in London, Nobody explores relationship between city and me through three emotional chapter. Excitement, frustration and hope.

Inside Me 2.jpg

Dir. Maria Trigo Teixeira | Germany | 0:05:00 (S) 

A clear decision surrounded by mixed feelings. A young woman recounts her experience with abortion.



Dir. Emma Louhivuori | Finland | 0:07:00 (S) 

A woman’s life is difficult, because her head is a cat.


Lost Eye 1.jpg

Dir. Sarah Pannekoek | Netherlands | 0:02:10 (S) 


The eye of her horse gets stolen by a flock of magpies and a crazy adventure begins.


Dir. Eve Travers | UK | 0:02:54 (S) 

An intimate autobiographical documentary about personal struggles with the mental health disorder body dysmorphia.


Dir. Laura-Beth Cowley | UK | 0:03:08 


A short animated film about one woman's journey through menstruation to discover her inner power.


Dir. Siobhán Smith | UK | 0:03:50 (S)


Stitch is an animated short film which highlights the need for change in the way we treat the sick and disabled in the UK.

good intentions 2.jpg

Dir. Anna Mantzaris | UK | 0:08:34  (S) 


After a young woman is responsible for a hit and run, strange and spooky things starts to happen...

tamou 6.jpg

Dir. Tom Prezman & Tzor Edery | Israel | 0:10:00 (S) 

Tamou, a lonely housewife, plunges into an internal exploration of gender and sexuality in 20th century Morocco. Surrounded by the prying eyes of a patriarchal society, her - his true identity as a trans man begins to unfold.


Technology for Talking 1.jpg
Conception catie and jen.jpg

Dir. Jemima Hughes | UK | 0:05:27 

Technology for Talking is a bright cut out animation which introduces voice output communication aids and explains how and why some people talk using assistive technology. Using the electronic voice and perspective of its disabled filmmaker, it challenges stereotypes about what non-speaking disabled people can do and raises awareness of their contribution to society.



Dir. Moth Studio | UK | 0:04:14 

We follow Jen and Catie: two sisters struggling with infertility, an unexpected pregnancy and difficult life decisions. Sisterhood and motherhood meet in this powerful story of love, fear and trust.


Better Humans 2.jpg

Dir. Moth Studio | UK | 0:03:17 

Sexy yetis, scientists and neon colours collide in Better Humans: a kaleidoscopic romp through the possibilities of gene editing and body augmentation. As part of a 7-part series commissioned by Massive Science on the lasting impact of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

patchwork 3.jpg

Dir. Maria Manero Muro | Spain | 0:08:00 

Patchwork is the story of Loly, a 60 year woman who needs a liver transplant.

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