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CAF 2024 SHORTS 4:


What’s your go-to pairing when it comes to movie snacks? Are you the sweet and salty type? Or maybe you prefer sticking to the classics like Haribo and Maltesers? If you’re uncertain about what you want to treat yourself to at Cardiff Animation Festival, then Pick n Mix is just for you! These 9 films will offer you a little bit of everything to satisfy that cinematic craving.


The melting pot of themes, genres, and stories in this program blend together perfectly to create a real taster of some of the best shorts playing at the festival. There are films about the daily lives of medieval knights, fantastical journeys of men and beasts, mischievous kids running free, and a short about kicking it back and relaxing on the beach. Whatever you decide, there is definitely a story for everyone in this eclectic batch of films.


Beth yw eich pâr delfrydol o ran byrbrydau wrth wylio ffilm? Ydych chi’n hoffi pethau melys a hallt? Neu efallai bod yn well gennych chi gadw at y clasuron fel Haribo a Maltesers? Os ydych chi’n ansicr ynglŷn â’r hyn yr hoffech chi ei fwynhau yng Ngŵyl Animeiddio Caerdydd, yna mae Pick n Mix ar eich cyfer chi! Bydd y 9 ffilm hyn yn cynnig ychydig bach o bopeth i fodloni'r chwant sinematig hwnnw.


Mae’r cymysgedd o themâu, genres, a straeon yn y rhaglen hon yn asio’n berffaith i greu rhagflas go iawn o rai o’r ffilmiau gorau sy’n cael eu harddangos yn yr ŵyl. Mae yna ffilmiau am fywydau beunyddiol marchogion canoloesol, teithiau rhyfeddol dynion a bwystfilod, plant direidus yn rhedeg yn rhydd, a darn byr am ymlacio ar y traeth. Beth bynnag y byddwch chi'n ei benderfynu, yn bendant mae stori i bawb yn y swp eclectig hwn o ffilmiau.

76mins, adv15+

(S) - Student film

(W) - Welsh Premiere

(UK) - UK Premiere

Content Warning:

Death, violence, nudity, animal cruelty.

Rhybudd Cynnwys:

Marwolaeth, trais, noethni, creulondeb anifeiliaid.

summer 96.jpg

Dir. Mathilde Bédouet | France | 12:13 (UK)


The eternal « August 15 picnic » on Callot Island. But this year, Paul, his family and their friends find themselves trapped by the tide. Paul, upset, stuck between the world of adults and that of children, becomes aware of his individuality.

overseas duty.jpg

Dir. Katie King | UK | 04:37 (S) (W)

Made For Duty Overseas is a noir-ish tale centred around a packet of menthol vogue cigarettes, moving between Sri Lanka and the UK. Intrigued by the allure of this woman’s identity, our narrator finds herself enticed into an addiction. Made For Duty Overseas explores the allure of aesthetic distractions.

just a whole.jpg

Dir. Bianca Scali | Germany | 10:37 (S)

She knew this day would come and the choice she’d have to make. But as it finally comes, Maya cannot wrap her head around it. A mole - it’s so small, so insignificant, just a mark...

wolf of custer.jpg

Dir. Tanya J Scott | UK | 08:14 (S)

A small Mid-West town loves to regale stories about a legendary wolf but a stranger from out of town has no time for such tall tales. He proclaims that it’s just an ordinary wolf and that he will be the one to catch it. He sets off on the hunt, only to find truth in the legend. Finally, he will witness and understand the power of stories. This film is based on a true story.


Dir. Laure Devin, Maxime Bourstin, Nathan Medam, Charles Hechinger, Titouan Jaouen | France | 06:56 (S) (UK)

Sidnei is a young recruit of the fire department fighting forest fires in the Amazon. During his first mission, he will be separated from the group and will have to undertake a perilous mission, guided by his mentor, Joao. Sidnei will be confronted with a choice: follow the orders of the hierarchy or save a thousand-year-old tree at the risk of his life.


Dir. Louise Petit, Emma Guyot DLH, Lou Dhelens, Juliette Laurent, Céline Korno, Lucie Tantot | France | 05:06 (S) (UK)

Our team follows the young commander Childeric the day before a determining attack. Childeric shows us the daily life of medieval knights getting ready for battle.


Dir. Adrien Dang, Loan Estevez, Mathieu Giazzi, Angèle Legras, Julien Motteau | France | 06:57 (S) (UK)


Thibaut, an alchemy apprentice, is finally starting his graduate internship. His -slightly eccentric- master brings him to a dubious-looking dungeon…

kakomamndo 2_edited.jpg

Dir. Alexandra Bloch, Delaly Guy Corneille Tchocodo, Bertil Toby Svanekiaer, Clémence Collignon
| France | 07:22 (S) (UK)


Kakomando is the leader of a group of mischievous kids free running on the streets of New Town. To complete their hideout on top of the old mining hill, the young commander must take a high risk to get the one thing missing to complete their dream.

monsoon blue poster.jpg

Dir. Jay Hiukit Wong, Ellis Kayin Chan | Hong Kong | 14:19 (UK)

The dream of a goldfish to return into its wild form uproars her long-forgotten memories, and a self-conscious monsoon is about to be uninhibited.

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