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Cardiff’s multi award-winning Cloth Cat Animation is Wales’ largest animation company who are currently working on the feature Ethel and Ernest, based on Raymond Briggs’ book. We are very proud to present their selection of the best in family-friendly animation from around the world.

SUNDAY 24 APRIL | 1:15pm


Tickets £4 / £3 concessions


53 mins / suitable for all ages



Market Road



I Am Not A Mouse

dir. Evgenia Golubeva

UK | 2 mins

Every time Lucy is called ‘Mouse’ by her Mum, she turns into a real mouse!

My Big Brother

dir. Jason Raynor

USA | 3 mins

A boy reflects on growing up with a gigantic brother.

Pik Pik Pik

dir. Dmitry Visotsky

Russia | 4 mins

The woodpecker rattles the tree, on the hunt for ants.


dir. Boubaker Boukhar

UAE | 12 mins

Karouma has a unique gift that’s striving to break free.


dir. Wednesday Collective

UK | 1 min

A race one day in July through a water park.


dir. Natalie Labarre

USA | 6 mins

An eccentric inventor realises he’s not a perfect father so one day he tries to make one.

The Little Bird and the Squirrel

dir. Lena von Doehren

Switzerland | 5 mins

A sneaky squirrel steals a watering can, setting off a chase through the forest.

Star Taxi

dir. Juraj Krumpolec

Slovakia | 14 mins

The adventures of a little boy, Hugo, and a taxi driver, Peppino, on their journey through a dangerous universe.

Super Grand

dir. Marjolaine Perreten

Switzerland | 2 mins

A super tall super-hero, but not that super strong.

Perfect Houseguest

dir. Max Porter & Ru Kuwahata

USA | 2 mins

A house is visited by a clean, organised, well-mannered guest.

Wayne the Stegosaurus

dir. Aran Quinn

USA | 2 mins

Wayne has a deluded yet charming sense of the world that he lives in.


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