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3 Reasons To Get Excited For This Year's Cardiff Animation Festival!

3 Things That Will Get You Pumped for This Year's Cardiff Animation Festival!

Cardiff Animation Festival is fast approaching and if you haven’t heard already, there will be loads of exciting films to watch and events to attend for all types of animation aficionados this year. From indulging masterclasses, exciting Q&As, to some never-before seen films showcasing different voices from around the world; here are some of our favourite things we’re looking forward to sharing with you soon.

Diverse Programme to Escape In

This year Cardiff Animation Festival will be showing 118 shorts from around the world, highlighting a diverse selection of filmmakers, not to mention that more than a quarter of the films that will be competition were made by women. With seven themed programs for adults and two aimed at families, the shorts will highlight themes focusing on our connection to the environment, the importance of mental health, and even a carefully curated programme of speechless and documentary shorts. It’s safe to say there will be a lot to discover and fall in love with for audiences of all ages

Copious Opportunities to Go Behind the Scenes

Do you love His Dark Materials? Have you ever daydreamed about working in puppetry or the VFX industry? At this year’s Cardiff Animation Festival, you’ll have a chance to learn from Brian Fischer and Eliot Gibbins, heads of Creature Effects on the hit BBC and HBO show, how some of Philip Pullman’s famous daemon characters were animated, not to mention how the team brought Lyra’s world to life on screen. Though that isn’t all… Welsh animator Simon Chong will video-call all the way from sunny Los Angeles to discuss his experience directing episodes of Bob’s Burgers; there will be a Q&A with Episode Director Avgousta Zourelidi on the magical new Moominvalley series (you’ll even get a little sneak-peek of upcoming episodes); and Ed Foster, creator of the hit CITV comedy The Rubbish World of Dave Spud, will be in attendance discussing his 16-year journey of creating his first student film to directing his own TV series.

Chances to Attend Networking Events

Tanya J Scott, animation art director and illustrator, will host a discussion on inclusion and diversity in the UKs animation and VFX industry, all inspired from her viral Skwigly article on the same topic. The panel will include numerous animation and VFX creatives delving into a conversation about how we can all work together and move towards a work environment that’s both more diverse and open for all. In addition to a series of similar discussions about working in the animation industry, there will also be events giving new and emerging talent opportunities to broaden their networking skills and learn from animators, sound designers, and other experienced professionals in the industry.

Don’t worry, that isn’t all the brilliant stuff happening at this year’s Cardiff Animation Festival – be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and sign up to our mailing list for more exciting updates as they’re released in the coming months.

Tickets on sale for individual events soon! Looking forward to seeing you all April 2-5 at Cardiff Animation Festival!

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