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Whatever your role in animation – from design to storyboarding, animation to compositing, writing to directing – the most important skill you can hone is storytelling. 

Cardiff Animation Writes was born from the 'Storytelling in Animation' panel discussion at Cardiff Animation Festival 2020. The panel was led by led by writer and director Evgenia Golubeva with animation writer and puppeteer Dipreet Kaur Walia, storyboard artist and animation director Krystal Georgiou, animator and director Laura Nasir-Tamara and senior lecturer in animation at University of South Wales Leonie Sharrock


After the discussion, panelist Leonie Sharrock wanted to create a space specifically for storytelling in animation. QUOTE?

Storytelling Panel.jpeg

Cardiff Animation Writes will explore all things animation storytelling, discuss what makes a good animated story, and explore new developments to the age-old craft of storytelling with events, panels and discussions. 

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